Umbrella Cockatoo (White Cockatoo)


Sunshade cockatoos are actually well-known for carrying out methods, creating them fantastically amusing friends for bird aficionados. Simply as along with any type of bird, having said that, potential proprietors must be certain that they can easily fulfill the needs of an umbrella cockatoo just before getting one.

Variety Overview USUAL NAMES: Umbrella cockatoo, white colored cockatoo, white-crested cockatoo

TAXONOMIC NAME: Cacatua alba

GROWNUP SIZE: 18 to 24 inches in duration

LONGEVITY: 70 or even 80 years or even more in bondage with correct care

Origin as well as History

Umbrella cockatoos are native to the tropics of Indonesia. These birds originally come from the Maluku Islands in the core and also northern parts of the island chain. They are today often located throughout all Indonesia.

The umbrella cockatoo species populace is actually decreasing as a result of to a reduction of its own environment, seekers, and also trappers. Vulnerable to endangerment, sunshade cockatoos are right now a secured types.


Umbrella cockatoos are soft, manageable, and sweet-tempered naturally, making all of them well satisfied to be buddy birds. In bush, sunshade cockatoos procreate permanently. They form an incredibly shut connection with their friend, perhaps more than other varieties of cockatoos. They are going to link tiny flocks of umbrella cockatoos as well as are seldom other than their companion. It is certainly not uncommon for each of the birds to end up being really depressed if a procreated set is actually divided.

Hardly threatening, they are going to rapidly create tough connects along with their caretakers. These affectionate birds adore to nuzzle along with their person, bird, or perhaps item of choice. Equally loving as well as devoted managers are actually a good suit for these parrots. This species asks to become ruined, so plan on at the very least one to pair of hrs of training, interest, and also enrichment daily.

Umbrellas are smart and also incredibly social. Quickly trainable, they are typically featured as the celebrity of bird series. To avoid your bird coming from ending up being bored, possess a collection of secure bird toys at your disposal.

Speech and also Vocalizations

While the periodic cockatoo can easily mimic human speech, as a whole, these birds are actually bad talkers or copy cats of audio. They have a loud, grating screech or even shriek as well as might hiss when distressed. In the wild, their loud vocalisms were made use of for communication as well as could possibly continue long hauls.

In captivity, they commonly utilize loud squawks to require focus. Because of this, umbrella cockatoos may not be actually the most ideal selection for those that stay in condo units or even apartment or condos or any individual with near next-door neighbors.

Sunshade Cockatoo Colors and also Markings

Umbrella cockatoos are mainly white with a true white colored crest. It is actually likewise a really good alert sign that the bird may bite if come close to.

The underside of their airfoil and tail plumes are actually a dull yellowish colour that looks attractive when in air travel.

The colouring of guys as well as women is usually the very same, guys are distinctly larger. Men have wider heads as well as much larger beaks. Umbrella cockatoos possess black beaks and also gray or dark feet.

Taking care of the Umbrella Cockatoo

Sunshade cockatoos are sizable birds that need to have a huge cage as well as backyard. Obtain an unit that is actually as large as feasible given that these birds perform not enjoy containment. This varieties may enact or come to be extremely unhappy in a limited room, which may cause self-mutilation or even health problem.

Permanent birds, sunshade cockatoos need nonstop rest every night for 10 to 12 hrs. Great sleeping is crucial for keeping their health and wellness and also effectively being actually.

Cockatoos have a powdery down. Shower the bird consistently to minimize this naturally emitted dirty compound.

Common Health Problems

If they acquire depressed or even need mental stimulation, sunshade cockatoos may pick at or pull out their feathers. They are prone to psittacine beak as well as plume condition, which is a deadly virus. Likewise, if they are supplied diet regimens that are excessive in fatty tissue, they may acquire fatty liver condition as well as get obese.

Diet plan and also Nutrition

Like all sizable parrots, umbrella cockatoos allow eaters. In bush, they invest many of the day seeking food. Seeds, almonds, coconuts, and also grain in farmer's areas are basic favorites in their diet.

As a pet, about 80 percent of their diet must be a formulated pelleted diet. The rest of their meals should consist of a variety of veggies, including leafy veggies and also root veggies. Top quality grains including quinoa and various other historical grains, new sprouts, and also fresh fruit are actually terrific dietary choices for this varieties. Fresh water needs to be on call in any way opportunities.

On occasion, nourish them healthy and balanced nuts including almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, and walnuts. You can easily likewise provide healthy seeds like hemp, dairy thistle, or flax seed as manages.


Umbrella cockatoos are actually energetic birds. Provide your bird several chewable bird playthings to work out the bird's effective beak. You can easily educate your cockatoo to participate in activities like catch on the floor along with a whiffle round.

To enhance as well as motivate activity within the unit, incorporate a lot of ladders and swings. These are improving enhancements to the environment that will certainly permit your cockatoo to ambulate and also clear energy in a favorable technique.

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Where to Adopt or Buy an Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella cockatoos are one of the best common types of cockatoos owned in the U.S. Given that these parrots' needs have a tendency to be requiring, saving associations teem with unnecessary cockatoos. It is actually certainly not uncommon for a sunshade cockatoo to go to its 2nd residence by the time it is 3 years of ages. To rescue one, contact the Center for Avian Rescue, Adoption, and Education, which maintains a directory of trusted bird saves throughout the U.S.

Pricing coming from a breeder can easily vary coming from $1,000 to $4,000. For a directory of credible cockatoo dog breeders, reach out to the Beauty of Birds. Probe the dog breeder if you're going the breeder path. Ask how much time they have been functioning and reproducing with the types you're curious in and explore their facility. When perusing their supply, looks for signs of great general wellness of the flock. The birds need to be actually energetic and sharp with intense eyes, well-maintained plumes, and total plants.

Sunshade cockatoos are popular for carrying out methods, producing them wonderfully amusing partners for bird fans. Simply as with any bird, nonetheless, would-be proprietors must be actually sure that they can fulfill the demands of a sunshade cockatoo just before obtaining one.

Umbrella cockatoos are pleasant, mild, and gentle by nature, making them properly satisfied to be buddy birds. Umbrella cockatoos are big birds that require a large cage and also play place. Umbrella cockatoos are actually one of the very most typical kinds of cockatoos possessed in the U.S.